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how to to Add Comment Counter to Post Header Titles in Blogger

Add Comment Counter to Post Header Titles in Blogger: By Default quantities of Comments is appeared beneath the every post in Comment Section.As it is put underneath post , so the greater part of us never saw it.

Now If you are occupied with adding this Comment Counter to Header it will truly move your blog perusers and will socially constrain them to comment.It's a reality , in the event that you add Comment Counter close to Blog post Title it will be thoroughly better then the underneath area.

And it will without a doubt rouse your Blog Readers to Comment on your Posts.What Do You Think this Counter is better perfect to Post Titles? On the off chance that Yes, Then take after the accompanying strides.

Go To Blogger Tap On Template Alter HTML Scan for ]]></b:skin>  Presently Copy the Below Script and include it simply above ]]></b:skin>
.comment-count {
float : right;
width : 47px;
height : 47px;
background : url(  SPECIFIC IMAGE URL  );
background-repeat: no-rep…