instructions to put a blogger widget inside a scroll box

Possibly you have seen in a few sites/sites that they have alot of gadgets which have recently destroyed there blog style and space.Now to dispose of these long gadgets , you can place them in a Box having a Scroll bar.Any tall gadget like Blog Archive and so on gadgets must be set in a Scroll box.

This will spare your Blog Space and will make your blog simple and navigative for readers.Implementing this Widget will empowers you to put your gadget content in a Scroll box , so your perusers can without much of a stretch explore blog contents.In this Scroll box , all titles will be static and can undoubtedly be gotten to by your Readers.

Step by step instructions to Put a Widget inside a Scroll Box 
Discover the Widget ID You need to place it in a Scroll box

  1. Visit Blogger Dashboard. 
  1. Tap On Template 
  1. Alter HTML 
  1. Look for this Code
]]></b:skin> Now Copy the below Script and add
it above this Script ]]></b:skin>
/* By START */
#WidgetIdYouWant2PlaceinScrollBox .widget-content {
height: 200px;
overflow: auto;
/* END */  
 Supplant WidgetIdYouWant2PlaceinScrollBox with Widget ID >>Save Template and that is it!

If You have Any Question in regards to this Tut , ask unreservedly we are here to answer! Remain Blessed ,Happy Blogging!


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