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Tips To Prevent Your AdSense Account From Being Disabled

Google Adsense, Is one of the Best account, specially to all the blogger around the world. 

The reason behind it is that adsence is the only programmer through which the blog owners can actually earn some money and fulfill the website expenses. 

But no matter how easy it looks in the dream, it is actually much harder to perform it in the real life scenario.

 One of the few reasons behind it is, getting an approved Google Adsense account is not so easy, specially if you are from a third world country.

 Google personally doesn’t have any sorts of diversity towards third world countries, but statistically the major amount of web spam, adsence scam, money tree scam and many other sorts of scams originates from these third world countries, specially counties like 
Pakistan,India, Nigeria etc. That is why at the time of accepting Adsence requests, Google Adesense personals look deep into the third world countries submission requests rather than first world and second world countries.

Always follo…