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thanks to successful acquisition of Visafone earlier this year.however, the problem with the usage of MTN 4G community which presently run on Band 7 (2600mHz) 

offerings is that MTN customers need to change their current SIM card with a 4G supported SIM from MTN workplace closest to you,

 which of them is some other little bit of paintings at the customers aspect however no longer actually a massive deal whilst as compared to the advantages of flexing the high speed community enjoy.

Mtn have made it less difficult for you and me to test if our phones are well suited to acquire the 4G offerings via introducing a brand new short message code and that is how it works;

✔ Your phone have to have 4G community features✔ Now text 4G to131 And you should get a reply SMS like thisin case your device is eligible. 
Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to improve your SIM to enjoy

 …sooner or later, just head over to any MTN workplace around your region once your smartphone is well suited and re…

Etisalat Is Launching Their 4G LTE Network Get ReadY

Previously Mtn Nigeria Launched Their 4G service, Etisalat Nigeria has been in a low voice building their own 4G LTE network. This 2016 is turning out to be the year of 4G LTE mobile in Nigeria.  Now we have InterC, Smile, Spectranet, ntel, Swift and MTN. Etisalat is about to join the party, now set to roll out 4G LTE Service.

If you’re in Lagos and you have 4G enable device, a quick manual search will pull up the network as seen in the screenshot below. You won’t be able to access it yet, but at least it’s comforting to let you know that Etisalat 4G LTE is in a short distance away.
Just that we are wondering how that is possible, since Etisalat doesn’t own one of the traditional 4G spectrums. 
MTN Nigeria had to acquire Visafone to get their hands on the necessary license to deploy 4G service. We wonder who/what Etisalat was able to corner/acquire to come out with this.

Anyway, this is a wonderful buildup by Etisalat. As we are now perceiving the odor, get yourself prepared to welcome …