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Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

It just doesn’t get much better thanGoogle Chrome. The most popular web browser in the world, Chrome’s sleek and straightforward design makes it the number one choice of bloggers and others who spend the majority of their time online. Other highlights of Google Chrome include its superior tab management system and quick install time. Yet what truly sets it apart from its competition is the vast number of compatible browser extensions.
There are literally hundreds of different extensions and apps available. Use these to customize and improve the Chrome browsing experience. But which extensions are the best? The sheer number available can make finding the best ones difficult. We did some of the legwork by narrowing down the top 15 Google Chrome extensions for bloggers. If you make your living by writing blog posts, checking out these top-notch browser extensions is a must! GrammarlyGrammarly is by far one of the best extensions for Chrome. The spelling and grammar app ensures you don’t …

7 Psychological Tricks To Attract New Audience To Your Blog

First of all download this pdf file for your blog pinging and settings before you proceed further.   CLICK HEER
Popular bloggers get clicks and shares while your super-creative research stays unnoticed? Maybe you are missing something really important?
Well, today we are going to talk about seven most efficient user attractors to make your blog post winning. These powerful tricks based on human psychology will make your blog special! So here we go! #1: Surprise or a question in the headline Surprises and questions in headlines stimulate human brains because they are signals of something new. Unexpected events grab our attention quicker than planned ones. The same is about questions – when we see a question at the beginning of the text, we subconsciously expect something to be revealed. In a word, both questions and surprising things put in headlines promise some unexpected and fresh experience. That is why such headlines do grab readers’ attention better than others. For instance, let…