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PAYONEER Mastercard, the Do's and Don't - My First Observation

Payoneer is such a great company helping we Bloggers and online marketers receive funds from Affiliates and companies such as Fiverr, Adsense etc, Letting you send money to payoneer too. To read a Full Detailed post about them, Click HERE 

So In this Post, I'll share with you my First experience Using the Payoneer Mastercard.

After I received some Funds on my Payoneer Mastercard, I then Decided to withdraw it using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

 After Inserting my card and trying to withdraw I was given the Notification of Insufficient funds. Why? I asked myself, we'll mayb I was selecting the wrong Account type I thought. 

I then tried 2 more times now selecting Savings and Current type as I Earlier selected Credit account type. Well I never knew the payoneer card was aCURRENT Account Type.

After doing all these, I was finally able to withdraw, but Not the same amount, my Funds had reduced by $5. I left and went home to Access my account through the mobile app and got the sc…

Mtn Unlimited Surfing On PC Using Freedom-Server

Good morning all !! Thank God its Friday. Let us Spend This Weekend With This Mtn Tweak!

As you all know our network providers are good at blocking our tweak often and we keep breaking into their servers often as well.

This day i want to introduce you to a very old cheat that very fews of us know about.

Follow my instructions below

First GOTO

If you are a new user to Freedom server don’t forget to Register And Activate your Account With Them.

NOTE: Note down Your Username nd Password

Now download the latest of their software from there website and install.

After installing Click On Configure.

On Your-Freedom Server Address Tab Enter this,

XML server name : or


Connection Mode Drop Dropdown ,

=> DNS


For Option Select And Tick , 1,3,7,6.

Once your successfully done the above simply leave the rest untouched and move on to the next step.

Input Your Account Registration Info in Account Tab