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Glo 0.0kb Unlimited Browsing Via Uc mini Handler

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Am pretty sure most of you are still flexing the etisalat0.0kb free browsing and the glo 0.0kb free browsing , but you would like to know another alternative for 0.0kb free browsing.

Unfortunately, this new Glo tweak works only on UC Mini Handler for now, you can only browse and download with the tweak via UC Mini Handler . Note that it won't work with any other browsers/apps on your phone like Firefox, Opera Mini, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

To power all other browsers/apps, use your initialGlo N0.00kb Unlimited Free Browsing tweak via queence and tweakware vpn credits to Dzebbhe is the brain behind the creation of UC Mini Handler and some other Handlers.

Facts That You Should Know
It works only in UC mini handler web browserNo speed throttlingIt doesn't power all appsIt is totally free (even with N0.00kb in your Glo sim)It is unlimitedNow, you can download UC Mini Handler…

E-dinar New Market Plan (Analysis)


1. Mining bonuses account for 0,65% of the wallet balance per day, the minimum amount for mining  = 0.16  EDC
2. Referral bonuses: the percentage of mining bonuses of all attracted referrals, collected daily. Important information! Registration via referral link is possible by only using the web version of the wallet!
In order to register using the web-version, follow the link:  Click Here
User guide:Download Full tutorials Here

REFERRAL RANKS AND BONUSES The amount and terms of referral payments: Rank A – 25% of the daily mining of all invited participants. To receive this rank you should:
– Have at least 200 E-Dinar Coins in your wallet.
– Have at least 5 first line referrals with at least 100 E-Dinar Coins in their wallets.

Rank B – 20% of the daily mining bonuses of all invited participants. You shound:
– Have at least 500 E-Dinar Coins in your wallet;
– Have at least 5 A-ranked first line referrals  (i.e. 5 first line referrals with at least 100 E-Dinar Coins in their wallet…