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New Updated Tweakware V3.5 For Glo And Etisalat 0.0Kb Now Unlimited

The free browsing cheat we have been enjoying on etisalat &glo 0.0kb, which normally disconnects on most glo networks.

But with the new and latest tweakware version now unlimited and very fast..

Dowload your tweakware here

And keep on Flexing !! keep on reloading this page for more updates here

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Credits to Codedforum

How To Run Windows 7 Os On Your ANDRIOD Device

This is how you can successfully run windows 7 on your ANDRIOD device.

                  Things you'll need:

1. Bochs for android Download
2. SDL zip link: Here

To the process:
Download SDL zip, extract and copy the folder to the device's internal storage.

Download and install bochs apk, launch and it should start booting (this can take an agonizingly long time).
 When your're done make sure to properly shut down windows or you'll have to face repair options when you boot up.
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