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How To Run Windows 95 On Your ANDRIOD O-S

Hey codedforumites today I'm going to share a method to run windows 95 on android.

That's right a PC os on an android phone, how exciting! So let's begin.


1. Windows 95 iso, link: c.img
2. Limbo PC emulator, link: Limbo PC Emulator

To the process:
Launch Limbo PC emulator on your device. 

Create a new VM, and call it whatever you like. 

Change the CPU Model to qemu32 and set the ram size to 120 MB. 

Finally, go to Hard Disk A and select your image file. Then hit start:

Windows 95 should boot up. 

There is no sound output, so you won't hear the system boot. As far as stability, you will probably experience a force close or crash within 5 minutes of using it. 

But hey, that gives you enough time for a quick game of minesweeper.


 I'll be posting a tutorial to use xp on android soon.