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Mtn Free 150Mb Cheat via Comedyplus rocking On Phisphon

Hey guys mtn is back again with comedyplus!! Usable via VPN •

Now am here to introduce you to an old Mtn tweak which is still blazing hot tho not renewable.

Mtn Comedy+ 150 Free Rocking On Psiphon

Here's a old mtn tweak that's been here but not every one knows and actually used it.

Its called Comedy+ as the name implies you already know..just like music+.
This tweak gives you 150mb for free.

Here's the procedure.
• Go to this site Or click here to visit direct
Register with your mtn sim number

After that you should receive 150mb

To know if you have gotten it, dial *559#.

But we can't use this trick just like that we need the help of VPN to connect it

Psiphon handler
Mtn sim

==>Proxy server:
==>Real proxy type: inject
==>Real proxy server:

Then goto more settings and configure as follows

Host address:
Port: 8080

Then connect.. That's all

Note: This Mb is Not Renewable Just …