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GB WhatsApp V8.0 latest v.apk With Tips-You Need To Know

     Tips To Note About GB WhatsApp 
 GbWhatsapp just as much as I have. Some people claim it's a new version of Whatsapp that is originally meant for Celebrities because it has a lot of features that the normal Whatsapp which you can download from Google play store does not have.

You can download the latest version of GB WhatsApp v8.0 here

 Well, that's how they choose to put it but I don't think there is any special Whatsapp meant for celebrities and I also believe that GbWhatsapp is a custom made Whatsapp by an individual! In this thread, we will have a look at some of major features of GbWhatsapp, we will see why the Whatsapp+ version is so hyped. Features of GBWhatsApp 

1. Ban Proof - prevent Whatsapp Ban If you use GbWhatsapp, you cannot be banned from Whatsapp, at least that's what they claim. Personally, i have not seen someone that was banned from Whatsapp but it's possible for one to be banned. Whatsapp+ gives you that protection from Whatsapp ban! So, are…