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How To Generate Facebook Like and comments

Facebook a popular social media used for chating shring info's etc.

 but the most annoying tin about it is when u snap a pic and post it online only to get 2 to 3 likes is dat fair wen u have more than 600 friends.

 but when a lady does her's u will see 300likes 50 comments or more well here is how to get automatic likes on any of your status pic etc.

Step one

•click here

•generate a token and paste it in the token box field.

• choose b|w auto likes &comments. Run the set up and that's all. 

Enjoy!!! Feel free to use the comment box we will always give you a reply.

Methods To Create An Invitation Link For Your Whatsapp Group

Am sure most of you have a WhatsApp group, And You are tired of accepting members. Which i know my self that is stressfull. with the help of WhatsApp

invitation link your members can now be able to live and join your group without your help. Or any further approval.

However, with whatsapp group invitation link, members can easily join your group without you adding their contact first on your phone.

Most messengers now have a group invite link feature. Once this feature is gotten and enabled on your phone, you will be able to invite people to join your WhatsApp group by simply clicking on a link.

I'm about to tell you 2 methods and 5 easy steps you can use to activate/get your own invitation link for your whatsapp group, follow the below procedures.


First Method:
The Group links functionality is partially live in WhatsApp’s latest BETA version 2.16.102.
- download and see settings here.

Second Method:
With the help of WHATSAPP PRIME , you'll b…