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List Of Referral Websites You Should Get Rid Of

This is a strict warning to all bloggers| webmasters That Normally Display Ads on their websites.
From this tread you will be able to clear your minds on those who pays. And not bussy advertising some ones content yet gaining nothing.

Scam Websites are all over the place this period thats why this topic was created to enlighten All about some SCAM SURVEY SITES THAT DO NOT PAY.....I was able to get sum feel website... 

•1. Here re some reasons why it is fake......

 1. Too Good To Be True– pays $5 per unique visit this means that if it is real and if this website really pays, all people in the world would
simply quit their job and work on Pay Job to make a living, because making $1500 is already enough to support your daily needs, I mean making some extra cash as huge
as that, per week and making up to $5000 a month spending 5 to 10 minute per day, is impossible. 

It would take time and years before you
can make that figures, so don’t be deceive by
what Go…