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Working With Pc Online Without Data [publishing]

•And, the topic above is what I'll be briefly looking at in this thread. 

•This Topic is for those that are fond of using their PC to come online such that without it they feel crippled and as though they can't do anything. 

•By this I mean, when it comes to typing, many people believe it's best done with a PC. In the Absence of which typing becomes boring and an uphill task. 

Good news to you, if you don't have data to power your system, you can still use it to do your typing and send it to your phone for publishing. 

Here's how.. 
Launch your text editor like Notepad on your PC
Do your typing and click ctr+s to save the file.
When saving, use a name you'll remember and save it with a .txtextention. This will enable it to be read as a text file which most phones can do.
Plug your phone to the PC with a Usb cord or any other means of connection and transfer the text file to your phone.
Unplug from your PC and launch any app that can edit text filed on your phone. Like, …

Get Your Blog Approved In 3-4hrs Ads [tricks]

Hello to all!! With this process, I want to guide you on how to get approved Adsense on your blog. Within 3-4hours.

This step by step tutorials will guide you through to have an approved ads account.

•first of all I will like you to read the AdSense term and conditions here so that your account will not be banned.

It will also enlighten you more
on the dues and don't of AdSense .

There are many other affiliates websites that pays a lot .

let me say alternative to AdSense, such affiliates are

This affiliates websites pays by referral and banner . but here we are talking about Google ads.

Which most people finds it very hard and frustrating before putting it on their blogs.

This is the full tutorials.

• first why we don't share ads tutorials on webpages!! 

••durring crawal,google can craw through your pages and detect some malicious posts | any illegal post and get rid of it.

•1 this is the best method of AdSense ever.

•2 you can get the full tutorials here by downlo…