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New Working Glo 0.0kb Proxy Servers For Tweak And Settings

Below are free stable IP for glo 0.0kb browsing!!
Kindly follow the steps to get it done.
•are you a glo subscriber?
•have you heard of glo 0.0?
Try it out now!! Your comments matters√√

               APN SETTINGS

Name: glo 00

APN: gloflat

APN Type: Tick only Default 


Port: 8080 

Username and password: leave it empty 

Now open Your phishpon pro lite-handler
Or phisphon A+ ,or try syphon shield. If you need any of the links use the comment box!!

Now open your Psiphon Pro LiteHandler and configure it as below:

Tick Remove Port 

Proxy type: Real Host

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: HTTP

Real proxy server:

Real proxy port: 8080

Now tap on Save.

Finally, hit the "connect" button and watch the speed.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

New! Etisalat Opens Ecommerce Store For Nigerians To Sell And BUY

It may come as a surprise to you that Etisalat, one of the leading network providers in our country nigeria 

has finally done something that noone else in their field has done before to the best of my knowledge. 

They recently opened an online store, 
Website: Here

This is a proof that there is little to no limit to what these guys can do.

All industries these days are expanding rapidly and encroaching into other places. 

What does SmeArena Do? What happens there?

SME Arena helps small & medium-sized businesses in Nigeria drive networking, profitability and brand awareness through:

According to them 

...reach millions of people nationwide by signing up on our unique platform that brings together buyers and sellers with the ultimate goal of aiding them attain entrepreneurial and social fulfilment.
at sme arena we speak quality... premium always meet premium... and value promised is always value delivered. 1. Community: Get Social with one’s business. Under the Community feature, vendors have …