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Facts: to consider before and when writing a blog post

Writing a post is what people find hard to but some people find it a fun doing that. 

As a blogger who knows what needs to be done, 

I believe you shouldn't find it a problem composing your own post instead of copying other peoples post.

Now on this post I will show you some important 

things to do before writing a post and when writing a post.

To start writing a post there are few things that are suppose to run 

through you mind as an experienced blogger, even though you are starting.

#1 What will I writer about

To write a post you must first think of what to write about. 

Thinking of what to write about have  to follow the following procedure.

 Is that in your niche

You don't have to write a post which is outside your, all your post must be 

concentrated in your niche. Do not just write post because you wish to write it.

Now let take for example that my niche is SEO then I wrote a post on relationship. 

* How much do I know about what I wish to write about

This is one of the most importa…

Methods- To Tether Your Vpn Via Hotspot Tethering!

Alot of us have Been searching the web to know if they can tether a VPN through hotspot.

•finally, I think by the end of this article you will put a smiles on your face on how to do this.

Things Needed

1. First codedforums you need to Get root access! *Warranty may void.

2. Then after these you head to google play and Download root browser *very useful

3. Download "hotspot" file. Here
(please if d link didnt work just copy and paste someway)

4. Download Terminal Emulator on Google Play Store.

How to stepup..

1. Open root browser & find the downloaded "hotspot" file, then move the file to /system/bin/(here)

2. Change the "hotspot" file permission to 777 or rwxrwxrwx. 
By holding the hostpot file for 2 Seconds

3. After all this save and all you need to do is to Connect to any vpn, then open terminal emulator. writesu (enter)...... 

That is you press your enter key after you type "su"

hotspot (enter)..... 
That is you press your enter key after you type &quo…