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How To View Password Dat Is In Asterisk If Not Mistaken.. Either In Mozilla Or Chrome

How to See Passwords Behind Asteriskin Google Chrome. Open any website where you have yourpassword saved, or any one password !

 right click on the password field and go toInspect Element

When the HTML Editor opens, look for input 

type = “password” field and change “password” to “text” and press Enter to save.

Gionee M5 Plus: A Pure Breed Of Ingenuity (specifications)

The Gionee M5 Plus is not just a new addition to the Gionee Family; it is an ingenious plus to the world of smartphones. 

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Get ready to be .....
The Gionee M5 Plus is not just a new addition to the Gionee Family; it is an ingenious plus to the world of smartphones. Get ready to be blown away by the features of the new Gionee M5 Plus.

Let’s take a peek into what the M5 Plus has got to offer

-5,000mAh Battery
-6.0 Inch full HD Amoled Display
-64GB ROM expandable to 128GB
-13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera
-Octa Core Processor 1.3GHZ
-Andriod 5.1, G- Sensor, Light Sensor, E-Compass
-Dual Micro Sim capabilities
Now, to the box.

I can’t wait, are you as excited as I am?
There is a seal, a strong one at that.
Alas! Here we have our Gionee M5 Plus box,
Feels good and solid, doesn’t it?
I think it’s high time we opened our box
And here’s the much anticipated GIONEE M5 PLUS PHONE.

Wow! Look at wha…

Updated! Top 10 Android Hacking Apps.

1. Wifikill

Is the slow speed of your wireless connection irritating you? You could be busy trying to finish an assignment while some kid is busy downloading funny videos. Using WiFiKill you can kick out other users from a shared wireless connection. The application tricks your victims’ devices into thinking your device is the Wi-Fi router and kills their packets. To the victims, they are still connected but the connection is just too slow
Shark for root
For Root is an application for expert hackers. The app is basically used to view other internet users’ traffic, otherwise called ‘traffic sniffing’. The app can sniff traffic over Wi-Fi, and 3G connections. The app uses the TCP dump concept, allowing the hacker to key TCP dump commands on an android device. You will need another app called Shark Reader to open the captured files. This Android hacking application is available on Google’s Play Store.

3. zAnti

zAnti is an Android hacking tool for professional hackers. Basically, it is…

New! Glo TGIF 3GB For N500 Weekend/Night Data Plan

Glo have just officially launched their own weekend and night data bundles to give their customers affordable data plan to browse, download and stream videos on any internet enabled device. 

"Glo TGIF data plan offers you 3GB for N500" and "1GB for N200 Naira" usable on weekends. 
This unbeatable offer will be available to Glo customers from 12:01 am every Saturday morning to Sunday evening at 11:59pm.

The company explained that subscribers should dial dial *777# and select ‘Buy Data’ on the menu and then pick ‘Night and Weekend Plan’ which is number 7 on the next menu page.

Globacom stated that when the menu opens to the ‘Night and Weekend plans’, subscribers should pick option 2 on the last menu which reads “N500 = 3GB for Sat and Sun."

How To Sub For Glo Weekend Plans
Dial *777# and follow the prompt as follows data services>>buy data>>Night and weekend plan or simply dial *777*1*1*7#


New!: How To Make In-app Purchases And Buy Pro/paid Apps From Google Play Free

Been a while since my last major post..been busy

Now today we're gonna be talking about an App...Its called

Now this app was made by a group of hackers in other to help the poor people with no money purchase what ever they like from Google play store..

Its an underground app and isn't advertised too much...bit many of us here no about it

Main Functions



* Pay for any app in google play store Free no matter the cost..

*pay for anything in any game or app..e.g crystals, money or diamonds any of your favorite games..

* any payment leading to Google play will work...(except Tweakware upgrade account..(they patched it after V.1.))

Now here's how to use it...

STEP 1: Get the app from google play and google it.."freedom .APK in search bar. Or from below..I uploaded it

Step 2 : open the app

Now when you open the app you'll see a list of all your apps as shown select any app and wait for some seconds..