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Useful Websites That Could Make Your Life Easy On The Internet

Today we decided to List Out 32 Websites that Could Make your Life much more easy ! 

All may not be applicable to you just enjoy the one you find interesting1 Bookmark this page for ,more Teach Solutions

1. Cut MP3 Online( A very simple online tool to cut MP3 files to create ringtones or anything else. It simply helps you cut the best part of a MP3 out.

2. Google Translate( Let the language be no barrier to you. Translate any language into any language with Google Translate. It lets you translate a piece of text or a whole web page.

3. Get( – It makes sharing a file easy. Just upload the file and share the link, the users will be able to preview it and download.

4.– Delete your accounts from various web services.

5. – Get the shortened terms of service from popular websites.

6. Get your information unlisted from the Internet.

7. – Print only the parts of a webpage you want to print. 

How To Upload your song Or Other Application Or File To Waptrick

Before going further lets describe waptrick

WapTrick is the most famous website of downloading games,apps,mp3,video and song lyrics in those days 

Many people including you may not know you can upload your song to waptrick

Lets start the explanation

1)upload your music to www.dropbox.comor
you can try on other website but thats the two most trusted website for waptrick 

2)you might have seen an email written at the bottom side of,theemail is for uploading file to waptrick,now send the name of the song,the artiste,the country and the link of the song to,make sure the topic of the email is Mp3 UPLOAD. 

3)New music is uploaded to waptrick every 5 minutes,so within minutes your song may vanish to the bottom,thisis how to keep your music at the top,start blogging,share it to your friends,in facebook,twitter,google+,linkeldenand other social application until you get a minimum of 10000 downloads to keep it at the top.

Safety In The Cyber World: Tips For Online Transactions

Safety in the Cyber World: Tips for Online Transactions

Technology is changing the way everything works and the world is getting a lot easier to live in. for example, twenty years ago, one had to go to a phone booth, buy a call card and then try to contact people while enduring a bad connection- but now, anyone can call any country at any time of the day and in any location. Advancements in technology have made it easy for us to keep in touch, facilitate effortless transactions, pay bills and make money. More and more people are joining the bandwagon of virtual payments and online business transactions- this is a development that is welcome but also has its downsides. 

More people using online channels has opened a new world of cybercrime and internet fraud; not knowing how to conduct safe transactions online has caused a lot of people to expose themselves and lose money. Below are a few tips to ensure that you stay safe and secure while doing business online.

· Always do your research b…

New! How I made 20% every month from E-dinaira exactgroup

I know am not supposed to make this trend. But I was forced to, due to many complains from my guest!! 

So what are we talking about?

We are talking about E-dinaira exact-group that rewards 20% bonus every month .


E-dinar is not:

1. Hyip (hungry scam) 

2. MLM ( Recruit b4 earning)

3. Ads clicking/copy and paste( daily wahala)

It is 100% genuine/ reliable investment Program. Moreover the future that has just manifested to help people during this recession and meltdown period

As such we should stop advertising any of our personal businesses here.

Rather we should be able to adequately educate our new entrants on how to get abreast with the rudiments of earning 20%  monthly on compounded interest of our investment.

To teach them how to really fund their account by themselves, and also how to cash their money whenever they want to.

Bringing in testimonies  from your investment with E-DINAR will serve as an encouragement to our new members.

Dragging some one to join is …