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10 Stages To Get Nigerian Adsense Account Approved With Blogspot [easy & Fast]

Hey guys, all the Nigerian bloggers, welcome to this thread in which I will show you the fastest way to get Adsense account approval in Nigeria! Yes, it's indeed the fastest method as far as am concerned because any other way you will see online will be talking about US or UK AdSense accounts which are in fact a lot of headache for us Nigerians when you want to start processing your AdSense payments.

you can tell that I do write quite a lot but in fact am disappointed in myself. I have always wanted to write about this after I got my second Adsense account but know has been keeping them back.
maybe it's because I already have a post that teaches people how to get a Nigerian Adsense account. But that's only how I got my first account and it's a long process which involves a lot of posts and other things but this one will simplify everything for you.

What's the difference between the first post and this one?

The difference is simple, My first AdSense post has to do with …

How To Identify A Fake Memory Card (sd Card)

One thing is to buy a memory card and another thing is to buy an original one. Memory card sellers are not helping matters as they use their sweet market voice to deceive unsuspecting customers who who are novice when it comes to knowing an original memory card.
Imagine yourself buying a memory card and using it for only one day and it started giving you headache and you start experiencing memory card corrupted. 

Imagine buying a 32gb or 64gb SD card and in short time it starts misbehaving. Some memory card will be written 16gb but when you insert it on your phone, you will only see 2gb. That is crazy.
However, you can use card expander to increase your 2gb SD card to 8gb or even higher.
There are a lot of fake SD cards out there in market and many people fall victims to this. Buying SD cards with one problem or the other. One of the most annoying experience is memory cards that worked perfectly when tested in the store but once you get back home, it starts giving one problem or the other…