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Cicret Bracelet Tecnology

Good day guys dis is the most interesting tech invention a bracelet dat turns ur screen to touch screen.The Bracelet uses a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user's forearm. It operates as a standalone device and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, projects an Android interface onto the users arm, much like Chris Harrison's Skinput research. 

The proximity sensors detect where the user's finger or fingers are and allow them to interact with the interface as they would any other Android device.

It runs on Android operating system according to the team behind the product. 
It mirrors your smartphone’s screen and lets you interact with it just as if you are using your smartphone. 

The Bracelet is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphone devices and it's water resistant, The battery capacity is yet known but it is a removable battery. 

but it is not out for sale yet.

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How To Edit Any Android App - Steps To Rename And Modify Apk Files

Hey guys,
This weekend I'll be giving you s tutorial on how to ediit any android app to your liking...

Virtually everything can be edited but since we're not all that good in coding let's learn simple things like.


You can change any image in the app to what ever you like..u just need another image to replace it can change the logo, banner e.t.c.

Name of app


You can change all the sound effects to what you want it to be by replacing..


1. Download APK editor from play store.
2. Images needed to replace with.

.{note for banner you need to download a app called picresizer from play store then resize to banner format..I'll emphasize on this later}

3. Your head and time + creativity

Dats all..

Now let's learn how to actually do it

1stly open APK editor..there are two modes there.

Open from app and open from file.

How to rank your images and contents with google

You may not know it but images are good ways to get your site, even more, visibility on google and I will show you just how to do so in this post.
Images can help you in different ways but the most important thing about them is that it helps your users understand what you are trying to say better and this is enough reason to start using them.
Speaking in terms of SEO, you will probably want torank your site content and images for some specific keywords and this is cool especially for images.

Some people believe that better images ranking will help you yo attain better overall ranking. while I don't know the validity of this statement, I can say that there is an element of truth in it because ranking for your images means that your site actually provides visual content which google and everyone else knows is important to convey your message across to the user easily and in no time, so why won't you try to rank your images?

Here are some tips to improve your image ranking

Low size: C…

Major Problems Nigerians Face With Adsense:

Hello, Nigerians lets discuss google AdSenseand how it has affected Nigerians over the years. I got the inspiration to write this post from a seminar I went attended to recently in which a Nigerian, frustrated one as you can guess publicly criticized google Adsense and their corrupt practices meted towards Nigeria. In this post, we will see how Nigerians feel about making money with google Adsense and also hear stories from people based on what hey have to say over the years about Adsense.

We all knows what AdSense means. A means by which google pays publishers to put up adverts on their site. Adsense is simply part of a gigantic ad network owned by google, the other part of the network being AdWords. For reasons unknown to me, google has decided to separate google ad words from google Adsense but that's not the topic of today.

As an AdSense user and a Nigerian who have over the years observed the going of Adsense in my country. 
The different stages involved in Adsense and how they …

Casting Youtube Media Video From Pc To Tv With Google Chrome

Wanna learn something new today? let's start with this. do you know that you can cast youtube videos from your browser to your television? Unknown to many users of this great browser google chrome has the built-in ability to cast Media directly from your Computer to your TV Since the arrival of version 5.1.
Steps to cast your videos from Pc to Tv using google chrome
All you have to do is to. Drag down the option menu( using the hamburger icon) and click on the new available cast option u see just below Print.

After clicking on the cast option, a selection menu where you can choose which device you want to cast onto, which is nifty if you have multiple Chromecast in your house. One will be able to cast Google Hangout to in the future.

With a device selected, you’ll see this:

In any circumstance, you’ll be able to cast your current tab or your entire desktop screen. However, if the tab includes a video source, such as, then you’ll be able to specifically cast the video as wel…

Latest! Hack A Wifi Network few tutorials

Hacking Tutorials: let's go straight to the class(lol)

Step 1: Go to Start , and select
Settings > Network & Internet .
Step 2: Select the network you want to
connect to, and select
Connect .

Step 3: In the search box, enter view
network connections , and in
the search results, select View
network connections .

Step 4: In Network Connections, press
and hold (or right-click) the
network name, and select
Status > Wireless Properties.

Step 5: Select the Security tab, and
select Show characters .
The password for the wireless
network is displayed in the
Network security key field.

When the password display on the system.......just copy it, then open your phone Wi-Fi settings to save the password. 

If it doesn't work for u maybe its d network or ur c version tnks

New Mtn 4g Lte Speed Test... So Slow And Discouraging

Hi guys,last year Mtn has promised to bring 4g lite to Nigeria.
Is this the MTN 4G LTE we are expecting? Someone posted the speed test of MTN 4G LTE in Abuja yesterday and comparing it with ntel is not encouraging at all. I want to believe this should be an error in connection. 
below my expectations. If this is what MTN is planning to give us as 4G LTE Network, then this is failure on arrival.
But I don't blame dem cos even their 3g network is not stable in some places

Infinix Hot S Now Available In Stores: Full Specification And Price In Nigeria

Good day all, today we would have a review on the latest infinix hot x with it's specification and price in nigeria.
Many people have actually been anticipating this device since it's full specification was officially announced almost two weeks ago. Aside being the latest device from infinix, this is actually the first infinix mobile phone to come with a finger print scanner and also the first to feature the new infinix XOS UI.
The device which runs in the new infinix XOS UI based on Android version 6.0 Marshmallow has a 5.2 inches IPS Full HD display with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 424 PPI.

The infinix hot S which promises to be a very fast and powerful is powered by mediaTek MTK6753 octa core processor with a clock speed of 1.5ghz. Also for better multitasking, the hot S will be available in both 2gb and 3gb RAM variants. The internal storage is also available in 16gb and 32gb variants which can also be further expanded with up to 128gb sdcard th…