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Buy Cheap Dell Inspiron 64-bit, 2terabyte, 16gb Ram Pc With Coupon Code

Are you a student and you are looking for an affordable laptop to buy ? There's one with massive discount if you use a new coupon code. 

It's coming from Dell Inspiron ! 

New Dell Inspiron PC coupon code 

Dell is offering up a massive discount on the Inspiron 3650 desktop PC. Use today’s coupon, and you’ll snag this powerful quad-core tower PC for 47% off the sticker price! 

If you are a student, you've got to take up this opportunity from Dell. Coupon codes like this don't Popup daily. 

Here are the main specs of the PC 

Internally, this PC has a sixth generation quad-core 

- 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-6700 processor
- a discrete AMD Radeon HD R9 360 graphics card (with 2GB of memory)
- 16GB of DDR3L RAM (1600MHz)
- a 2TB 7200RPM hard drive
-a DVD burner
- Bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11b/g/n WiFi support.

Wow, but that's not all the goodies you get to enjoy! 

It also comes with A USB keyboard and USB mouse come along with your purchase, so you can simply hook up your existing HDTV or PC m…

Best Way To Prevent Virus On Ur Pc

If you want to protect your computers from virus attacks the cheapest option is to NOT to visit any porn/sex sites.

i know it's very tempting for many people when they can get "free sex pictures" all over the INTERNET. 
they are not really free. 
they cost you a lot

most of the sex/porn especially Indian xxx sites plant OR They are (embedded) with virus/adware in your PC. be carefull always use strong and up to date anti virus to safeguard the contents of ur PC or to avoid crash down

How To Build A Mobile Phone Charger - Tutorial With Videos

Hey guys, ever wanted to build a mobile phone's charger but didn't know how to go about it? This tutorial by a friend of mine,physics department have been able to do so and in this thread, am sharing his tutorial which he made some time ago during his Industrial  attachment.

According to Leone,val
This is really a must learn practical that will help you produces the charger as easy as you wish.
Steps on How to easily make a portable phone charger that fits in a small container.

Step 1
: Preparation

Materials needed to construct a Mobile charger
cell phone car chargergator clips/cables (2)Small container9V battery9V battery snap connectorelectrical tape
Tools Needed
scissorsmetal cutters/metal snips
Step 2: Wiring

Take your gator clips and connect one end of the gator clip to the positive wire of the snap connector. Connect the other end of the gator clip to the metal contact on the end of the car charger.

Take one end of the second gator clip and connect it to the negative wire of the s…

Latest Mtn 3gb Imei

How to get latest mtn imei cheat for 3gb......

1. Imei analyzer

2. Mobile uncle
After downloading those two apps install it and open imei analyzer input the imei and generate 

the last two number....

Imei: 3335771003883.....

send: samsung to 131...

After that wait for some minuites and see the magic!!! Drop your comments below!!

How to migrate To MTN BETA TALK For 100MB Bonus

MTN Now offers Free 1GB and 100MB respectively
when you recharge above N500 and N200 every

Dial *123# and choose ‘tariff Plan’, simply choose ‘Beta
Talk’ to proceed.

Note: You can only use this bonus during the


Hello guys I am here again with stunning trick I used to get double times MTN recently introduced Tech+ 100% data.
As an area guy lolz, manipulating these networks is my hobby.
Now lets proceed to HOW TO GET 14GB FOR N2000 ON MTN;
+◾Tweak dis IMEI 3522620707
+◾ After getting the 100% bonus message
for 6month.
+◾Migrate to beta talk by dialing
*123*2*6# or text BT to 131.
◾+Recharge N2000 then text 2016 to 131 you will b giving 7GB plus double your
data making it 14GB Valid for 30days.

To check the data balance just dial

NOTE: Recharge with N500 airtime on
your MTN Sim into four places to get MTN
Wow Data of 4GB.