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5 Best Free Website Hosting And Cpanel Services 2016

Oh yeah, finally, I get to write about this!Free Web hosting companies where you can actually host your website for free as the name states. We'll be dealing with this topic as far as I know about them so by the end of this tutorial, you can go ahead and register with a free Web Hosting Service that supports free cpanel, php, MySQL and all and start your project.
First of all, I really need to define the termFree Website Hosting because am sure most of you are confusing it with some other things such as a proper website hosting service. 
So, what's a free website hosting service? 

If you know what a Web hosting company is, then you won't have a hard time grabbing this concept. 
Below are some of the features of free website hosting which makes them inferior to proper paid Web Hosting. 

Note: This does not apply to all but to many of them! 

1. Sever Uptime
This is a serious issue with free Web Hosts. Of course, you didn't pay for the service so you aren't allowed to query…

Best 2 Android Video Capture Apps For Screen Recording

If you plan on recording the actions that you perform on your smart phone device you're going to need a good video capture application. While android does feature native screen capturing for screen shots, it's a little more difficult for users to capture full HD video for tutorials and for posting videos of android navigation online. 
Here are some of the best video capture applications that can capture smooth HD video on a wide array of android devices

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ is 100% free to use and it was designed specifically to work with the lollipop version of android. Although the app is free to download and install it does have a number of extra features included for real money. Some of the in app purchases include the ability to use the screen recorder without any type of watermark as well as the full features of the app including the magic button. The magic button is a control feature in which you don't see any of the recording controls on-screen through the process…

15 Possible Questions You May Come Across During Your Screening Exercise

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1.your full name(Your name must be stated the exact way it is written in your O’level certificate) 

2. Which course did you apply for?
Possible reply:
(Don’t tell them the course you wish for, tell them the course you applied for) 

3. What position do you prefer on a team working
on a project?
Possible reply (DE students):
If I’m the team leader it will give me the opportunity using my leadership skills that I have learnt with years. I can also do a well as a team member my skills will help to encourage my mates. 

4. Can you recite your O’level and the grades, off hand?
Possible reply:
If you sit for the exam yourself you must know the result off hand) Interviewer

5. How do you see yourself in five years from now?
Possible reply:
I see myself as a successful graduate of
(Compute Science), University of…. Interviewer

6. Do you consider yourself successful?

How To Use Sd Card As Default Internal Android Storage On Android 6.0

You are running out of space… insufficient memory is a message you’ll always see on Android smartphones. Some Android 6.0 users are already complaining of insufficient memory despite the facts that you have enough space in your memory card.

Let me show you how to make default your SD card as your storage memory on Android 6.0 devices. Meaning, every application you’ll download, file etc will be stored directly on your SDcard and not phone memory. 

1. Make sure you use original SD card or else it will not last long on the device
2. If you are using old Micro SD card, back up all your files and document

Note that this tutorial is not the same step with Android version lower than 6.0.
How to Use SD Card As Default Internal Storage on Android 6.0
1. Turn OFF your phone>> insert the SD card you wish to use as internal storage >>Turn it ON again
You should get a notification that a new SD card has been detected; double tap the notification

2. Tick Use as internal storage the…


Benefits Of Glo Jollific8 Plan 

1. You get eight (8) timesthe value ofwhat you recharge every time

 2. You get free data and free voice on every recharge you make on Jollific8

3. You can as well share free data with someone else viagift.

How Does Glo Jollific8 Work? 

 1. Recharge N100 and you get extra N800airtime + 10MB

2. Recharge N200 and you will get N1600+N100(25MB to gift)=N1700

 3. Recharge N500 and glo will give you N4000 + N200(50MB to gift)=N4200

 4. Recharge N1000 and get N8000+N400(100MB to gift)=N8400

5. Recharge N5000 and glo will give you N40k + N2k(500MB to gift)=N42k

How To Subscribe/Activate Glo Jollific8 

Tariff Plan This plan is only for new glo lines, so;>

 Get a new Glo Sim> Register and get it activated (you’ll automatically be on

Jollific8 tariff plan)> Then Dial *123*Pin# and the plan is activated

How To Check Your Glo Jollific8 Account Balance

*To check your data balance Dail #122#

*To check your data gifting, dial *606#

Important Things You Should Know…