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How to Run Airtel 2GB and 6GB Plans on 3G Networks (Bypass 2G Network Limit)

As known, Airtel released the cheapest data plans for internet users. The 6GB data which goes for N500 and the 2GB plan for N200. These plans would be on demand by most internet user, but the only limitation about this package is that you can only browse under 2G networks

and most users are already mailing me on how they can easily bypass the 2G network limit on their devices. Right now, I got a working method on how the limitation can be lifted, and instead of browsing on 2G network, you can flex same package on 3G network.

The procedure I’m about revealing can be applicable on only rooted android devices. Please a moment of silence for iOS users... lolz don’t worry, I’ll still find a way to bypass the limitation on iPhone, so if you’re an iOS user, stay tuned or chech back on us later. Of course, Rooted android phones, because we’re going to be doing little tweaking which requires root access, so if you haven’t rooted our android device, root it here Once your android device is roote…

How to Play PC Games on Android, iphone and Windows mobile phones.

Things are getting better these days, as recent technology makes everything mobile and accessible in best experience. Last time, I briefed you guyshow to convert exe programs to apk format, and I’m pretty sure that those of you who followed the guide is already enjoying some exe programs on your android device. Today, I’ll show you how to run PC games on Android, iPhone and windows mobile.

By now, you should know that running andriod program on pc is very easy, with the help of some emulators. You can even run iPhone apps on your computer. So, next is how to reverse the case, which is, running PC games on mobile.

How to Play PC Games on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile Actually, with the help of an app called remotr, we can easily remote PC games on our android, iPhone and windows phone device. So, the app makes it possible to play PC hames on android, iPhone and windows mobile. Apart from games, you can play stream through anything (no matter the quality) on your device, as long as …