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Ultimate Guide To Making Huge Money Online With Konga Affiliate

Okay, let me be frank with you; this article shares a step by step method to earn cash with or without a website. In short it’s so detailed that I advise you bookmark this page or download it for further reference.

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How to Make Money with Konga Affiliate Marketing

You are in a dilemma.

You are scared of setting up a website because you feel you have poor writing skills.

So you feel earning money online is a mirage.

Or perhaps you have the writing skill of Wole Soyinka but terms like SEO and Google Keyword Planner has frightened the hell out of you.

So to you it’s an impossible bid-an act you mustn’t attempt. What of if I tell you are DAMN WRONG.

Yes, I mean every word, every letter of what I just said.

I want to tell you that it is possible if you only take action- If you only sign up for the affiliate programme and take the steps I will outline in this article.

You don’t need to be afraid because I will show you how you can achieve your goals with images to …

How to use sp flash tools

SP Flash tool is an application you could find very useful in fixing extreme cases of a bricked MTK Android (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Opsson, Innjoo etc) like the phone not coming on at all or not booting into recovery mode etc. Lets get started:


* A PC
* USB Cord
* Manually install VCOM drivers on the PC (
* The phone you wish to flash the files to (ensure there's an SD card in the phone)
* Scatter file + files to be flashed ( see for how to make an MTK Backup). 
* Download the latest version of SP Flash tool @


* If you get any error in SP Flash tool or the phone still didn't work after flashing then there's a list of SP Flash Tool errors, their meanings and how to resolve them @
* If you accidentally interrupted flashing and the phone goes dead, follow the guide @…

Top 3 SEO Optimized & AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger

 Welcome! Bloggers in this forum.

In this giveaway article I will showcase BestSEO Friendly Blogger Templates of 2016. In my another blog I have shared many other Best SEO Ready Blogger Templates for 2016

, so you should also see them. As you know after creating a blog on blogspot you need a professional and search engine optimized blogger Template which has an attractive look and user friendly design. So that, users could easily navigate on your website.
 By default, Blogspot uses very simple and old structure looking design which is not user friendly and Search Engine Friendly. Anyhow there are tons of web-themes available on the internet world having Responsive and Fast Loading functionality but in this article I am going to share with you Top Search Engine Optimized Blogspot Templates of 2015 which are fully Responsive, Fast, Lightweight and Eye Catching look.
This awesome templates was brought to you by Ferizi Yusuf the ceo maker|Admin  Of this wonderful blog!
I personally uploaded th…