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How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL Blogger

Every blogger has a different reason to redirect Blogger URL to another URL. The reasons could be anything like “Want to send visitors from one blog to another blog” or “Want to move blog from blogger to any other custom domain”.
Cause-1: Suppose you have two blogs on Blogger and one of them has good visitors. Now you want to purchase a .com domain and want to redirect your blogger visitors to your new .com domain. Cause-2: You are using BlogSpot as a blogging platform but there are so many limitations in Blogger and you want to move your blog to self-hosted WordPress blog.
I will not take so much time because there could be n no of reasons to redirect blogger URL to another URL. Now, How to Redirect Blogger/BlogSpot URL to Another/Custom URL? In this article, I’ll show you how to automatically redirect Blogger Blog URL to Any other custom domain or blog.
By this way you will be redirected to my .Com website How to do this?Step-1: Login to website and go…

How to Lock or Unlock any Widgets in Blogger

Blogger is the best way to start your blogging and when you think that you are getting enough visitors then you can buy a .com domain to start your blogging career. You can start your blogging career as a full time blogger but if you are engaged in some other activities then part time blogging is the best option. When you create a blog on blogger then almost all the widgets are editable. You can easily edit and remove them from the blog but some widgets can’t be removed from the blog such as header widget. So, is there any option to remove the widgets from the blog?

Yes, you can easily remove the widgets by unlocking them.
Now, How to lock or unlock widgets in Blogger? We can easily lock or unlock widgets in blogger using following steps. Step-1: Go to Blogger Website > Select TemplateOption Step-2: Now take Backup of your Template before making any changes in the blog. Step-3: Select Layout option > click on Header widget > you will see here the widget can be edit but can’t be re…

Latest airtel free call available on all sim!

This is the latest Airtel Free Call Cheat Available so far, you would definitely like it and get free calls to any network

*An Airtel sim
*Airtel N100 airtime

After getting the above mention then its time to process to the next

1.After loading your airtime dial *447 # and you might geta respond saying welcome to airtel big family but if you get a respond saying error occured or system busy keep trying it till it says welcome to airtel big family .

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2.After you are done with that cal any airtel line for one minute and end the call then dial *446 # and ignore any response you receive

3.After you are done with that dial *123 *9 # to check your airtime bonus and you will see you have been credited with N3 ,896 airtime bonus which you use to call any number on the airtel number .

How to Add Paypal Donate Button to your Blogger Blog - 2016

As we all know, Paypal is one of the trusted organization from numerous years for doing online cash exchanges. Here is an absolute necessity use guide for bloggers who might want to add Donate button of paypal to your blogger blog. It is entirely easy to including the Paypal Donate Button. Basically proceed with the following below. READ:Download Paid Video For Fre Add Paypal Donate Button to your Blogger Blog
1. Firstly Register with paypal; with your original details
2. Furthermore, you need to Verify your Email address by tapping on confirmation link sent to your Email address.
3. Now essentially link your Debit/Master card or you can likewise attach your Bank account with paypal.
Paypal will do a two little deposit to your financial balance, check your bank exchanges and enter the two sums that paypal have kept to your ledger and this affirms your ledger and gives you finish access for online exchanges such as sending and recieving cash.
4. Now Copy The Below Code <!– begin paypa…

Phishing Method Hack Facebook Account using WAPKA

What is Phishing? Phishing is a way of deceiving your victim by making him login through one of your web pages which is a copy of the original one. By doing so, the fake web page will save his E-mail ID or username and password.

 This is used for criminal activities for stealing Credits Cards and Soon. Now we are going to make aFAKE LOGIN Page of Facebook. Lets start the tutorial...

Step 1: Register a new Wapka Account First create a new wapka account from the link below.

 Create your own Facebook Mobile Phishing Using Wapka Create Your Own Facebook Mobile Phishing Page Using Wapka

Step 2: Editing Wapka Texts 

Login to your Wapka account.

Login to your Wapka account.

Goto Settings>Edit text> Forum/chatand change the following words,Name: Email or Phone Text: PasswordSubmit: Log In It's shown in the screenshot below.

Click 'Edit' to save and Login to your account in ADMIN mode.

Steps on How To Park a free domain on MyWapblog(TK,Ml,CF,GA,GQ)

Today I’ll teach you how to park a free domain on MyWapBlog. We all know about Freenom. Freenom is a free domain registrar service. Freenom offers many free domains like .TK, .ML, .CF, .GA, .GQ . You can use freenom to register a free domain name for your MyWapBlog blog. 

Steps: Login to your Freenom account. If you don’t have an account then create one.

Then Go to “Domains >My Domains“.Click on  “Manage Domain” beside the domain which you want to use inMyWapBlog. Then click on “Manage Freenom DNS“. In the next page you will see a form to add DNS Records. Add this records.

Add an “A” record with blank value and target to and Add a CNAME with value WWW and target will be your mywapblog address. In my case, You must replace this with your mywapblog address. Now save it.

How To Edit Mp3/song Art With Your Android Device

I know many have been wondering how to edit Mp3 details with their android devices especially bloggers who use their android devices to post stuffs. Well, listen good as I show you this one.

 What can you change? You can change the Album names, Music Artiste, Album Cover etc. There are loads of applications on Google Playstore that claim to do this, but there is an app that has been tested and comfirmed by me and it's working perfectly.

I introduce to you iTag App. Now you know the name of this App, let's begin the tutorial. Follow the below steps to change your mp3 songs Art/cover photo using your android device.

Step 1: Download iTag app by searching on Google PlayStore then install it.

Step 2: If you've installed it then launch it. All the Mp3 songs in your phone will automatically load (I had to rescan to get some of my songs though)

Step 3: Click on any song you wish to edit, a page showing the current Album Art, some action buttons and of course some text box. Click on cl…