Cicret Bracelet Tecnology

Good day guys dis is the most interesting tech invention a bracelet dat turns ur screen to touch screen.[​IMG]The Bracelet uses a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user's forearm. It operates as a standalone device and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, projects an Android interface onto the users arm, much like Chris Harrison's Skinput research. 

The proximity sensors detect where the user's finger or fingers are and allow them to interact with the interface as they would any other Android device.

It runs on Android operating system according to the team behind the product. 
It mirrors your smartphone’s screen and lets you interact with it just as if you are using your smartphone. 

The Bracelet is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphone devices and it's water resistant, The battery capacity is yet known but it is a removable battery. [​IMG]

but it is not out for sale yet.

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